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Investor Grievance Escalation Matrix

Our Mission and the Values


We will delight our customers and greatly enhance there wealth creation efforts with superior financial advice, and innovative, and most appropriate solutions for each customer. We will strive to be amongst the top ten retail financial services firms and offer the most diversified portfolio of investment products and services.

Company Overview

GEPL Stands for Growth, Excellence, Planning & Learning. Our single-minded focus on our customers has helped us grow with them over these last five years. We value our employees and associates who fully understand our customers’ needs. develop personalised strategies and make finance management easy for them. Our values make us one of the most trust-worthy advisors in the financial services space.

We believe in long term relationships with our clients, both Retail and Institutional. This means that we simplify everything for them, be it technology, investment technicalities, or pricing.

We have a technology driven approach with easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps to make investing super easy for our clients.

Advisory Services

GEPL Investment advisory services focuses on your individual requirements and Our advisory services include all your financial needs and help you make the best out of your available funds through timely advice through our expert.

Customized portfolio

Experienced fund managers will help manage and grow your portfolio with a starting investment amount of Rs Five Lakhs.

Intelligence to make informed decisions

Our advanced analytics and fundamental and technical research teams provide the intelligence for you to make wise and safe decisions that grow your portfolio.

Better choices

Our range of investment products and services give you enough choices to build and balance your portfolio, according to your goals and risk profile.

Relationships matter most

A relationship with you matters more to our fund managers. Regular updates and half- yearly reviews will help you grow your portfolio.

Why should you have advisory services?

An advisor or a fund manager helps you establish your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet those goals. 

He will help you manage your portfolio in a comprehensive manner, investment management alongside financial advice.

He is your financial consultant who works in collaboration with you for your best interests.  The advisor will keep interacting with you, and periodically monitor and assess your investments vis-à-vis your goals.


Why are shares bought?

Money can be made in different ways from the purchase of shares: By receiving dividends; By the value of the shares increasing from the price at which they were first purchased. Then they can be sold at a higher price back to the stock market.

What are advisory services?

We engage business owners and senior managers in an intensive, collaborative process to identify and resolve any issues and challenges that may be preventing your organization from achieving its fullest potential. We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals and HUFs.

What are the services that you provide?

We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals and HUFs, offering a range of service plans tailored to various needs. Our planning and advice are customized and individualized.

How do you work with your client during the planning process?

We begin by collecting a set of inputs from you, covering various aspects of your financial situation. These inputs are used to develop a draft plan, which we then review with you. We incorporate your feedback to refine the plan further and develop the next draft. The plan is finalized once you have fully understood and approved it.

What are the tools and software used during the planning process?

We use a combination of open-source tools and customized calculators to analyze the inputs and create a comprehensive plan.

The quality of the plan is influenced by these tools, alongside factors such as the customization to your specific requirements and the expertise of the planner.

What are the core benefits of advisory services?

This is the place to fix your finances, once and for all. We make managing your investments and insurance effortless by handling all the rigorous sifting and selection for you. The primary issue with financial products lies in the lack of accountability. Agents, distributors, or wealth managers may sell products that seem promising initially but fail to deliver later on. Mutual funds may decline in value, insurance claims might be denied, and corporate fixed deposits may not be returned, among other issues. By following our recommendations, you can avoid harmful financial products sold through false promises and deception, and peacefully grow your wealth.